Whole House Rewiring

Trusted and Highly Rated, Glo Electric offers exceptional electrical services to homeowner and commercial properties in the Bay Area

Flickering lights, TV cutting in and out, a slight burning smell. No, your house isn’t haunted. More likely it’s being taken down by old wiring.Though rewiring an entire house is an extensive project, it’s one you don’t want to put off if your home is more than 50 years old.

Homes built before the 1950’s weren’t made for the kind of power draw we use today with all of our appliances and tech. Homes built between 1960 and the late 1970’s, often used aluminum wiring which we now know is a fire hazard.

Call Glo-Electric today for a whole house wiring consultation and you’ll never be haunted by faulty wiring again.

Our Residential Electrical Services includes:

  • Emergency electrical troubleshooting and repairs
  • Emergency Electrical panel replacement and repair
  • Emergency Circuit breaker replacement and repair
  • Emergency Main electric panel repair
  • Emergency Electrical wiring and rewiring when problems
  • Emergency Electric circuit wiring repair
  • Emergency Electric Rewiring

Available for Emergencies 24/7

Electrical outages can happen any time of the day or night – weekday or weekend – that’s why we always have an electrician on-call ready to handle your emergency any time of the day or night. From burning wires and overheating outlets to life-saving equipment overloading a circuit, Glo-Electric has you covered.


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