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Home is where we feel safe and secure, but is your home safe from electrical fires?

We often don’t want to think of the worst happening in our homes, so scheduling a home inspection will give you that feeling of safety in your home.

Do any of these conditions apply to you?

new home

Upon purchasing a home

When a home is 40 years old or older

appliance installation

If an appliance has been added

home renovation

When a home has had a renovation

If any of the above conditions apply to you, you’ll need to schedule a home inspection with a licensed electrician, and Glo Electric has licensed electricians on call to help.

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Did you know that U.S. municipal fire departments respond to about 45,000 house fires each year that are caused by electrical failure or malfunction?

What’s included in a home inspection?

electrical grounding and bonding san jose

Grounding and bonding of the electrical system

This is absolutely crucial for modern protection devices to work correctly

electrical panels

Main electrical service panel and sub panels

The panels are the heart of the electrical system and control all power throughout the building

circuit protection device

Circuit protection and safety devices

There are many devices installed throughout an electrical system to protect against fire, overload, and electrical shock

smoke detection device

Smoke and CO1 detection devices

These are extremely important for life safety and are often overlooked

circuit overloading

Circuit overloading

This is common in older electrical systems and is one of the major causes of electrical failure and fire

electrical appliance

Switches, outlets, and appliances

These parts are usually made of plastic, receive heavy use, and fail more often, which is the most common cause of electrocution

After your Electrical Home Inspection, you will receive a detailed report of any issues. You will also receive an explanation and a quote to correct it.

If the home meets current electrical safety codes, you will receive a formal statement declaring it, signed by a licensed and certified electrician.

Either way, you can rest at ease knowing your home is safer for you and your family.


$49 instead of $199 for a full inspection

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