Wondering if you’re having an electrical emergency? Here are the signs to look for:

Do you smell smoke?

Do you hear zapping sounds or crackling sounds?

Are your lights flickering?

These are signs that you could be having an electrical emergency.

Not to worry, Glo Electric is here to help.

Get Help NOW

“When an emergency happens… having a professional first responder you can trust is invaluable!”

Why is Glo Electric, your go-to electrical company, the one to call in an emergency?

24/7 access to a master certified electrician to respond to your emergencies any time of day or night
Electrical emergencies require a trained electrical professional. Our certified electricians are available around the clock

We work with your insurance companies to help you with your claims from consultations, reports, photos, statements and our extensive knowledge of the claims process

What events are not electrical emergencies?

Your circuit breaker tripping

Electrical outlets not working

Troubles running two appliances at once

If you are having any of these issues, we recommend you sign up for a complete electrical home inspection. Click here to learn more